Going camping this summer? Whether you’re tent camping, towing a camper or sleeping under the stars, here are some tips to keep your trip poison safe.

Carbon monoxide:

  • Use gas or propane stoves in well-ventilated areas
  • Be sure your camper has a carbon monoxide detector
  • Even campfires can produce carbon monoxide so be sure to only light one in a well-ventilated area

Food and Water:

  • If you’re really roughing it and drinking water from creeks and lakes, be sure to boil or treat it before drinking to avoid harmful bacteria and parasites
  • To keep food cold, keep cooler lids closed as much as possible.
  • Pack beverages in their own cooler since you will likely open it more often.
  • The same goes for snacks that don’t have to be kept cold – pack them with the drinks or in their own bag.

Watch out for snakes

  • Choose a campsite that is least likely to attract snakes –  avoid rock piles, heavily wooded areas, or areas next to water sources.
  • Keep your campsite clear of places snakes could hide like wood piles, stacks of branches. Even blankets and, shoes or boots could be a tempting hiding spot.
  • If you do see a snake the safest thing to do is leave it alone